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Designated security units

ExpertTech Group specializes in providing diverse security consulting services worldwide.

Our clients include: small businesses, companies and corporations, private individuals, organizations and associations. Consultation is carried out by qualified consultants with extensive experience. Advice is subject to all laws and regulations in countries where they occur, without exception.

We advise the following areas:
Personal security, Facilities security, Aviation security, Marine security, Security events, Counter-terrorism units, Self-defense face to face combat (method: Israeli Krav Maga), Security technologies, First aid


Risk assessment surveys

“Risk assessment” is a proactive process designed to identify and characterize the current risks that may threaten the organization / business / company and to establish countermeasures, which are economically feasible, in order to reduce or even completely neutralize the identified threats. The threats are varied and diverse, from threats of human origin, such as robbery, kidnapping, theft, terrorist attacks, etc. to natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, etc.

Risk assessment process is also a good opportunity for the organization to examine the existing plans to ensure business continuity in case of an event as described above, as well as their compatibility with the threats identified in the risk assessment process.

Building security systems

Many companies have realized the importance of integration of security system design as an essential part in the organization, and our experience indicates the importance of early consideration of security system. The security system subjects include among others: choice of security system and its adaptation to the organization structure and nature of activities, including the location of the organization’s employees and property, Industry and Trade systems, communications and more.
Early design of security systems and measures may lead to large financial savings, as well as full integration tailored to the needs of the organization and functioning system for optimizing both physical security and technological system as a tool for making important real-time solutions to ensure proper functioning of the organization and operation of routine and emergency.


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